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  • 起點



    Origin and destination places should be different, please.

    Origin place could not be recognized, please try again.

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    搜索 返回地圖





    Please pick a category from the list.


    Please fill in the origin place.

    Please fill in the destination place.

    Origin place could not be recognized, please try again.


    Please fill in the origin place.

    Please fill in the destination place.

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    Please fill in the origin place.

    Please fill in the destination place.

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    Please pick a location from the list.

    Please fill in the origin place.

    Please fill in the destination place.

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    Travelling directions


    Niujie Mosque
    Niujie Mosque
    Huashi Mosque
    Huashi Mosque
    Nan Douya Mosque
    Nan Douya Mosque
    Haidian Mosque
    Haidian Mosque
    Dewai Mosque
    Dewai Mosque
    Dongsi Mosque
    Dongsi Mosque
    Pushou Mosque
    Pushou Mosque
    Changying Mosque
    Changying Mosque
    Madian Mosque
    Madian Mosque
    Dongzhimen Mosque
    Dongzhimen Mosque
    Changping Mosque
    Changping Mosque
    Nanxiapo Mosque
    Nanxiapo Mosque


    South (Xuanwumen) Cathedral
    Xuanwumen Church
    Zhushikou Church
    Wangfujing Church
    St. Michael's Church
    Kuanjie Church
    Xishiku Church
    Xizhimen Church
    Gangwashi Church
    Chongwenmen Church
    Haidian Church
    Dongguantou Church
    Longzhuang Church


    The Home page contains only a slideshow displaying a series of eleven pictures and when you click on one of these pictures a page of the website will open.

    Walking Routes

    On the Walking Routes page, after filling in the starting and the destination points, from the top of the map, the user is ready to get the walking route between the specified points. To make it easier for the user to fill in the starting and destination points and making sure the input points are valid, an autocomplete function was created using jQuery which gives suggestions to the user as he/she types in the textboxes. The filled starting and destination points are converted into two Baidu points with longitude and latitude coordinates and these points are supplied to a function from the Baidu Javascript API as arguments and the function requests the route between the points and in case of success the route is rendered on the map as an overlay layer. In addition, turn-by-turn descriptive directions are output in a div element created for this purpose, underneath the map area.

    Panorama-based Tour

    The Panorama-based Tour page contains a map which at the top of it there are two tabs: Panorama Search tab, and Map and Panorama tab. The Map and Panorama tab allows viewing a panorama and the ordinary map at the same time with the panorama above the map. The panorama and the map are synchronized meaning that moving the panorama for example to a certain point makes the map below be centered to the panorama current position. The Panorama Search tab is meant to display only panoramas with an option to exit the panorama and return to the map. The panoramas can either be initiated using the panorama control on the top-right corner of the map to search for places with available panoramas in the campus or using the dropdown menu on the top of the map to select a particular place from a list prepared containing places with panoramas available and considered to be important POI. Selected places include east gate of the campus, foreign students dormitory no. 1 (FSD), north gate of the campus, south gate of the campus, new main building (NMB), Dayuncun, west gate of the campus, ICBC, Chaoshifa supermarket, Zhichunlu subway station, gymnasium of the campus, Beihang hospital, swimming pool, basketball court, Heyi building canteen, office building (administration building), internet service building, training center, teacher’s canteen, art gallery, concert hall, and space and air museum.

    Photo-based Tour

    The Photo-based Tour page displays a campus map created with Leaflet with a slider at the bottom of the page containing ten photos of different places in the campus namely: Library, Xuesen's Statue, Green Park, East Gate, Front of Old Main Building, New Main Building, Space and Air Museum, Sports Ground, ICBC and Gymnasium. Hovering over an image in the slider makes a bouncing marker be displayed, along with the name of the location in a textbox, at the corresponding position on the map of the image's place. Clicking on a photo in the slider makes the clicked image open in a popup window on the screen. The slider was created using a Leaflet plugin developed by Bj?rn Sandvik called Leaflet.Photo which is a plugin to show geotagged photos on a Leaflet map. A demo of this plugin is available here.

    Search Places

    The Search Places page has two tabs, namely: Search by Category and Search Nearby. On the Search by Category there are 22 categories added and when the user selects one category, a function from the Baidu Javascript API adds several markers on the map containing pop-ups which provide details about the corresponding POI in the campus of the selected category. The added categories, in order from left to right, are as follows: restaurants, canteens, swimming pools, fitness places, hotels, laundries, libraries, post office, print houses, schools, subway stations, supermarkets, beauty and hair salons, cafes, gates, banks or ATMs, pharmacies, car parks, bus stations, amusement parks, attractions and concert hall.
    The Search Nearby tab contains a textbox, with autocomplete options, and a dropdown menu, where the user has to fill the name of a particular location of interest in the textbox by typing few letters and selecting the location from the suggestions list and then select a category of places, from the dropdown menu, to search nearby the selected location and in case of success the searchNearby function of Baidu Javascript API adds markers on the map corresponding to the resulting nearby places.

    New Students Registration

    The New Students Registration page consists of a Baidu map with six markers representing some of the most important places in the campus during the registration process of new international students namely: No. 1 Foreign Students Dormitory, Office Building, ICBC, Academic Communication Hall, International School and Dayuncun Building no. 10. On the top of the map a location button was added aiming at allowing users to get their current location displayed on the map. The current location of the user is obtained using a Javascript function where an instance of Geolocation class of Baidu Javascript API is created and then using this object to call getCurrentPosition function also belonging to Baidu Javascript API.

    Campus Facilities

    The Campus Facilities page is the second quick guide where thirty-three markers were added onto a Baidu map representing different campus facilities such as New Main Building blocks, foreign students dormitories, degree thesis binding place, supermarkets, canteens, library, teaching buildings, etc. A location button was also added on the top of the map.

    Near Bus and Subway Stations

    The Near Bus and Subway Stations page consists of a Baidu map with seven markers representing bus and subway stations around the campus namely: Zhichun Rd. subway station, Xitucheng subway station, Zhichun Rd. bus station, west gate bus station, east gate bus station, north gate bus station and airport shuttle bus station. A location button was also added in this quick guide.

    Travel around Beijing

    The Travel around Beijing page aims at helping users to get information about bus and subway lines they should take to visit some places in Beijing from Beihang University. The page contains two sections: one at the top of the page and the other right below the top one. The top section contains two side-to-side dropdown menus and three buttons: Search, Reset Map and Fullscreen. The menu at the left side consists of a list containing names of 15 destination places located in Beijing. Such places are as follows: Badaling Great Wall, Beijing National Stadium, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Olympic Forest Park, Beijing University of Culture and Language, Beijing Zoo, Forbidden City, National Museum of China, Peking University, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Temple of Earth, Tian'anmen Square, Tsinghua University and University of Science and Technology Beijing.
    When the user picks a destination of interest and hits the Search button a route is drawn on the section below the top one, displaying where the user should get on the bus or subway including the bus number or subway line to take and where he/she should get off. The routing service is powered by Baidu Javascript API.

    Mosques and Churches in Beijing

    The Mosques and Churches in Beijing page consists of two lists, one of twelve mosques and the other of twelve churches in Beijing followed by a current location and a fullscreen buttons down below, which, in turn, are following by the map rendering area with directions box underneath it. The lists of mosques and churches consist of a series of pictures with both English and Chinese names underneath the pictures. Hovering over a picture shows the location of Beihang University and the selected mosque or church on the map, while clicking on a picture will render a route from Beihang to the selected mosque or church with the travelling directions provided underneath the map.


    The About simply gives a brief introduction of this website including the scope, the purpose of the website and developer's brief information. It's organized in four tabs: Beihang University, Campus tour system, Developer and Site map.


    The Help page is exactly this page you are reading which aims at helping users explore the website thoroughly. It's organized in three tabs: Pages explained (the current tab), Chinese translations and Feedback / Contact.


    The Links page provides a list of a total of 35 links regarded as useful, to some extent, for the users and related to places to go and things to do in Beijing (25 links), to Beihang University (5) and to the web development technologies used in the development of this website (5).

    # Chinese characters Pinyin Meaning
    1 起 (起點) qǐ (qǐdiǎn) Starting point
    2 終 (終點) zhōng (zhōngdiǎn) Destination
    3 步行前往 終點 的路線 bùxíng qiánwǎng zhōngdiǎn de lùxiàn Walking to your destination
    4 推薦 tuījiàn Recommendation
    5 Meters
    6 公里 gōnglǐ Kilometres
    7 分鐘 fēnzhōng Minutes
    8 小時 xiǎoshí Hours
    9 cóng From
    10 xiàng Towards
    11 方向 fāngxiàng Direction
    12 出發 chūfā Start off (leave)
    13 正東 zhèng dōng East
    14 左轉 (向左前方轉) zuǒ zhuǎn (xiàng zuǒ qiánfāng zhuǎn) Turn left
    15 右轉 (向右前方轉) yòu zhuǎn (xiàng yòu qiánfāng zhuǎn) Turn right
    16 zǒu Walk
    17 到達終點 dàodá zhōngdiǎn Reach the destination
    18 右轉穿過馬路并繼續向前 yòu zhuǎn chuānguò mǎlù bìng jìxù xiàng qián
    19 左轉穿過馬路并繼續向前 zuǒ zhuǎn chuānguò mǎlù bìng jìxù xiàng qián
    20 進入全景 jìnrù quánjǐng Switch to panorama
    21 上一步 shàng yībù Previous (Previous step)
    22 下一步 xià yībù Next (Next step)
    23 地鐵 dìtiě Subway
    24 公交 gōngjiāo Public Bus
    25 地圖 dìtú Map
    26 衛星 wèixīng Satellite
    27 三維 sānwéi Tridimensional
    28 guó Country
    29 shěng Province
    30 shì City
    31 jiē Street
    32 放大一級 fàngdà yī jí Zoom in
    33 縮小一級 suōxiǎo yī jí Zoom out
    34 標記 biāojì Marker
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